The SF Difference

Chief Engineer/Producer Bob Beals

The major difference between recording studios is the person sitting behind the board.  Our chief engineer and producer, Bob Beals, has produced and engineered:

  • Sony/Big Records Recording Artist Michael Botte
  • A top 40 and a top 10 smooth jazz hit with David Wells
  • Is working with  2 time Grammy award winning producer, Paul Zaleski (Al Green’s producer)
  • Kenny G’s bass player, Vail Johnson, and Smooth Jazz great, Steve Oliver

Bob strives to understand the artist, his/her influences and works hard to get the sound the artist hears in their head. According to Bob, “Every artist is unique.  Each has a sound they’re trying to achieve to set them apart and yet be relevant to today’s audiences.  My job is to figure out what that sound is and carry it through to completion.”

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