What People Are Saying

Paul Zaleski
2 Time Grammy winning Producer (Al Green)

Bob, you are one of the best music producers I’ve ever heard, and I respect the hell outta you.  I just think you haven’t been at the right place at the right time. You a bad motha!



Michael Botte Band
Sony/Big Records recording artist

As a music maker, I strive to bring out the best in my music.  It wasn’t until I met Bob Beals that I realized what my music actually sounded like.  When you have a 40-year music industry veteran who has decades of experience in your corner, really good things are going to happen.  I joke with Bob that when I send him my demos which I call “dirty rocks”, he then “polishes” those dirty rocks into precious stones that have way more value.  Bob is the backbone of the Michael Botte Band as he serves as music producer, mixing/mastering engineer, studio musician, and above all…friend.  This is what 40 years of industry experience will get you.  If you really want to make music of which you can be proud, I fully recommend trusting Bob with your art.  Because of Bob’s vison and talent, my music is being played all over the world and has been placed on many radio station charts.  The feeling and satisfaction I get from people hearing what Bob and I created is “worth its weight in gold!”  Stop reading and start hiring Bob!


Arthur Kohtz

The music that is coming out of Sound Foundations Studio is first rate, the real deal !

Studio owner/engineer/producer/,musician, Bob Beals, is an incredible talent to say the least. As a studio owner, he is a no nonsense professional. As an engineer, he is amongst the best, very technically savvy and gets those super tones; mixes are right in the pocket! As a producer, Bob has incredible vision and good taste, knows how to get the best out of an artist, As a musician, I don’t waste much time chasing down players, Bob is a master guitarist, keyboardist, drummer and knows many great players and vocalist!

Bob has taken on the role of Producer for my project, not to mention he plays most of the instruments . It has truly been the best decision I have made in a long time. I am just totally blown away with what he has done with my music. When I get an email from Bob that says “check your google drive” I can’t get to it fast enough. Just when I think it can’t get any better…Bob takes it to another level!

As a songwriter /performer, I have been involved with many recording projects over the years with both Grammy winning/nominated artist and producers. I have done sessions in Memphis, New York, Nashville to name a few. The results I have been getting at Sound Foundations with Bob Beals behind the wheel is on that Grammy level. It’s all about taste and tones; Bob has that covered and then some! If you are serious about your craft you need to work with Bob “ B.A.” Beals! B.A. is short for?…….yes that’s right, BEST AROUND. Many thanks to Mark Shapiro, good friend and stellar bass player, for introducing me to Bob and Sound Foundation Studios!  Thanks again for everything Bob, you da man!


Eric Stucki
Lead Singer/Guitarist for Towers

Working in every genre from country to rap, 60s garage rock to today’s indie/alternative (sometimes within the same project), Bob at Sound Foundation is a great talent, a brilliant engineer, and an awesome person. His ear is top notch and he is a great student of music, if by some chance he doesn’t know the genre or mood your looking for, he’ll pour himself into research until the sound is captured. Whether you are a experienced band/musician looking for that little push over the cliff in quality or just kicking the tires on the whole recording process, Sound Foundation is where you want to lay it down.



Maddy Giles
Singer / Songwriter

Bob is one of the most genuine and honest men I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.  He makes writing and recoding exciting and fun.  When I work with him he makes me fall in love with music all over again and I’m truly grateful to know a man who loves the art of music the way I do.





Mark Shapiro
Freelance Bass Player (35 years experience)

I have known Bob Beals for over 30 years. A great man and a great musician. Was lucky enough to reconnect with him this year. We have been working at Sound Foundation for a few months now on a new project. What he can do is nothing short of amazing. His skill as a producer is top notch. Also the feedback and understanding of what you are looking to accomplish makes the process seamless. What you end up with is a mind blowing final product that you can be proud of. He puts a lot of love into everything he does, and it shows. You not only walk away loving your experience, but loving the man. Thank you Bob for everything! Love you my friend!


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